Here are some things that inspire us—creative coding, immersive experiences; things we’d love to see in our submission box, things that might not be submittable but that we find cool anyway. We hope you find them cool, too.

*photosensitivity warning—flashing lights


Entity Maps (1-4) by Churchdoor Lounger
Compass Poems by Allison Parrish


The Puissance of Polyethylene Prayers by Mettamodernist*
Southbound to denshaw by Dane Law
Eden 2020 by Agni Dasein


Learning To Code By Writing Code Poems by Murat Kemaldar
Turing Test by Franny Choi
A computer falls in love with itself by Samantha Fain
The ArchAndroid by Janelle Monáe


electronic book review—a journal of critical writing on the digital humanities.
PreCursor Poets—a blog and newsletter on digital-era literature.
the new river—a journal for digital art and literature.
code::art—an art journal which publishes code.
Pretty Cool Poetry Thing—a lit mag for digital & interactive poetry.


Centralized Task Scheduling by Lucy Zhang
Swift Poetry by Krzysztof Siejkowski
./code –poetry by Daniel Holden and Chris Kerr
<title> this is your corporeal being </title> by H.C. Bending


Gift Game by Everest Pipkin
Lovebits by Murat Kemaldar


bob’s son café by R.A.P. Ferreira
Metamorphosis by Afrotectopia
Paisajes del aislamiento by Esteban Gutiérrez Jiménez