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Creating Contemporary Dance Choreographies with ChorEA

By aeigis

Artist's Note

"Creating Contemporary Dance Choreographies with ChorEA" is a video performance which demonstrates how an evolutionary algorithm can be used to generate choreographies of different lengths, utilizing different phrases and for a different number of dancers. ChorEA is a choreography generation program inspired by Merce Cunningham’s chance operations. It is an interactive evolutionary algorithm. Currently ChorEA utilizes the following choreographic components: location on stage, direction, dancers, repetition count and the phrase to be performed. For details on how ChorEA generates the choreographies see the full version given at the link below.

Full version available:

Licensing Info:
This work, Creating Contemporary Dance Choreographies with ChorEA, Choreography II is a derivative of 50 Looks by Merce Cunningham, (c) the Merce Cunningham Trust, used under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Creating Contemporary Dance Choreographies, Choreography II with ChorEA is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 by aeigis.
aeigis was founded in 2019 by Ezgi Türker and Şima Uyar. In its first project "Contemporary Dance Research through Lecture Performances Series", they research contemporary dance history and its prominent figures together with its various techniques. The first work in the series is Trio F5, a lecture performance on Yvonne Rainer, her “No Manifesto” and her choreography "Trio A". The second work, Heads/Tails is a lecture performance on Merce Cunningham and his choreography technique, the "chance procedure”. At the beginning of 2020, aeigis founded purespace, an interdisciplinary art and culture initiative, with Ufuk Şenel. Since then it continues its work under the auspices of purespace.