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By Aleksey Tikhonov

Artist's Note

There is an old Slavic calligraphy tradition, called 'Russian Vyaz' or just 'Vyaz'. It's unique in terms of special forms and rules of ligature generation. For example, take a look at works of a contemporary artist Viktor Pushkarev.

Once, a colleague of mine, Anna Shishlyakova drew a nice piece of Vyaz and since then I kept thinking if I can automatically generate such ligatures. Several years have passed and I finally found a weekend to make something like this.
This work was created by Aleksey Tikhonov (@altsoph), a machine learner, data scientist, and digital art enthusiast from Berlin. Aleksey does a lot of experimentation, ranging from neural networks generated song lyrics in the style of Nirvana (EP Neurona) and replicating the styles of composers to averaging faces from classical paintings or orchestrating several neural networks to write a diary of a crazy robot (Paranoid Transformer for NaNoGenMo 2019). You can find more details on his webpage: http://altsoph.com/.