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Internal Conflict

By Anmol Srivastava

Artist's Note

This generative artwork depicts an abstraction of conflict between the inner self and the perception. The fight between heart and mind. Sometimes it becomes difficult for a person dealing with internal conflict to judge their choices in life.

The motivation for this generative artwork comes from a personal life experience where I was personally conflicted by my decisions. This had filled me with a lot of self-doubts.

The red zone depicts the self-doubts and the decisions and possibilities that were not chosen.

The yellow zone represents the choices made and the struggle of the mind to justify them and convince oneself that they were the best one could have done during that situation.

The artwork is created in Processing using the random function. This artwork seeks to raise awareness towards mental health.
Dr. Anmol Srivastava is a Human-Computer Interaction designer. His research interests are towards exploring the potential of emerging technologies to aid utility, usability and creative self-expression in various contexts and use cases. At present he is serving as an Assistant Professor at School of Design, UPES where he heads XR and IxD Lab. To know more about him, visit https://anmolsrivastava.in/.