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Cotton AI Yeo

By Huw Andrews

This webpage is responsive on both desktop and mobile.

This piece can also be found at: http://www.huwandrews.com/caiy.html

Artist's Note

The text for Cotton AI Yeo (2020) was adapted from a radio interview with a presenter and a portrait painter. I heard the interview live at my ex's parents' house and didn't enjoy it. Unable to forget it though, I found it online the following week and played it into Google Docs using the speech to text function. I found the resulting inaccuracies far more interesting and humorous. After realising I wanted the text to be interactive, I used Bootstrap to code the webpage; including three buttons to rotate random quotes for multiple text combinations. I made the background gif using stills from a subsequent video where the artist painted the presenter's portrait.
Huw Andrews was born in Wales and is based in Bristol. Interested in travel, pop culture and identity, he plays/works with video, sound, animation, illustration, photo, text, objects, performance and appropriated material.