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//Issue 3: CMD

issue3 backslashlit$ ls

Digital Genesis by David Enicks

3 Pieces by Robert Matejcek

7353 by Ludwig Pfeiffer, Josua Roters, and Tim Rumpf

2 pieces by Iván Salí and Nwrman

Portrait of a Nation by Mark Hirsch

water.xls by Munira Tabassum Ahmed

Telescopic Diorama by Morgen Christie

Construct Small Groups by Silvana Smith

You are an AI and I teach you about pain by Rena Su

Charroulette World by Illestpreacha

Game Genie: ANALOG // ANALOGUE by Kevin Stebner

notsuoh, a problem by Garreth Chan

6-c[TCA] by Óliver Éric Vinent Cardona

The Sky != Blue!!!! by Wren Krisztin

digital rot by Brenton Lim

Cover art by Brenton Lim