//WHAT IS [XYZ] (and how do I submit it)?

—Code poems are literature pieces written in a programming language and/or using programming syntax. (We’re calling them code poems but do send in “code prose,” hybrid pieces, or anything else!

You may write your code in any language (or combination thereof) or pseudocode. Your submission need not compile (kudos if it does!), though your structure must demonstrate a clear influence of programming syntax, rather than just semicolons or escape sequences scattered here and there.

You may submit your code as a document or screenshot, but you may also attach the link to a GitHub or repl.it repository. Repl.it is great if the output of your code is also part of the submission.

—Generative art is artwork that has been created with the use of an autonomous or mathematical system, such as computer-generated art and fractal art.

—Interactive literature (including Twine and hypertext pieces) relies on the reader’s interactions with the piece to influence the environment. Readers may use hyperlinks and text commands to interact with the narrative.

—Video art is exactly as it sounds—film, animations, performances, any other creation coming in the form of a video. If you would like to showcase your piece in the format of a video, please keep the length to a maximum of 5 minutes.

We do not require that video submissions include a generative or computing-based component—video art, code-based or not, is a form of new media—but we do favor the experimental.


—I live outside of the United States, may I still submit?
Yes! Our magazine is open to contributors all around the world.

—May we submit collaborative works?
Of course! In that case, you may send multiple author bios, one per contributor, or one overall bio for your group.

—May we submit digital art? How about 3D-modeled art?
On its own, no—while digital and 3D-modeled art are computer-based, we are particularly seeking art that challenges the medium in which they are created. However, we’d be happy to review digital or 3D-modeled art that contains a computer-generated or interactive component.

—Must my piece be runnable for everyone?
Preferably, yes. That being said, we are willing to consider pieces that favor one browser over another as long as the piece as a whole is still functional. Just let us know which browsers the piece works (or doesn’t work) in, as well as the feature that is affected. No downloads or pop-ups, please—this includes mobile submissions.

—May we submit [insert any other form that has not been mentioned here]?
When in doubt, just send it in! We will let you know.

If your question isn’t answered here, please reach out to us at backslashlitmag[at]gmail[dot]com!