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error log

By Hei Lam Ng

Artist's Note

Error log tells the fictional legends of characters residing in the Kingdom of Broken Divs. The story is inspired by the artist's experience in attending a New Media & Web Development program at BCIT. This project is originally self-published in artist's book form. Each chapter of the book is present side-by-side in coding mode and visual mode, where the visual mode is the supposed outcome of the pseudocode.

Full project details can be viewed here: https://www.heilamng.com/projects/error-log
Originally from Hong Kong, Hei Lam Ng is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her work spans photography, printmaking and book art. An anterior background in Chinese creative writing often adds a subtle poetic touch to Hei Lam’s art practice. These backgrounds fuse into a medium-specific approach of artistic practice that often further enhance the context. The loss and acquisition of identity in situations of displacement is often a central theme of her work.