Backslash Lit is an online literary magazine seeking to publish electronic literature: creative works that use computational and electronic mediums as an art form. We seek to challenge the line between STEM and the arts and publish what cannot be traditionally printed on paper. This magazine is for the interdisciplinary and antidisciplinary, for the experimental and unconventional, for all that calls into question what art really means.


C.T. Dinh (Founding Editor): C.T. Dinh a DMV-based writer and artist studying comp sci and design. She also reads for Wintermute Lit and dabbles in comic illustration and web development. Find their work online in Strange Horizons, Flash Point SF, and Ample Remains.

Madi Giovina (Editor): When she isn’t writing code, Madi Giovina writes poems and stories. She is the founder of Perennial Press. Her work can be found in fresh.ink, Bewildering Stories, Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy, and several zines. She has no known allergies.

Jessica Kim (Editor): Jessica Kim is a student poet based in California and is the founding editor of The Lumiere Review. She also enjoys designing websites and learning to code. Find her published work at www.jessicakimwrites.weebly.com or twitter @jessiicable.