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//Issue 1: Init

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ASCII Vyaz by Aleksey Tikhonov

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\the\act\of\us\only\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ by Joseph Strohan

Understand the Moment, 2020 by Stas Ginzburg

Caprise by C. D. Philip

Emblem/as (a tryptic) by Tina Escaja

// Because a poetic mind is not incompatible with that of a computer by Madeline Torrez

Poseidon by Morgen Christie

rainbow poem by Julia Nakotte

Your work reminds me of... Do you know about Frank Stella? by Karina Puuffin

steel/foam by Tegan E Webb

House In The Woods by Addison Blanda

Blueprint: Bramble Terrace by Zenobia Frost

Archy's Art by Gordon Ackerman

The Labyrinth by Giulia Lazzara & Edward De Brouwer

A SPLENDIDLY WRITTEN, TRAGIC BURST: robotic musings on etiquette by Madi Giovina

Clouds by Riley Finkle

Draw Nine by Damon L. Wakes

The Algorithm of Donated Dreams by PERSONA

Internal Conflict by Anmol Srivastava

Voyage Thru Space by Illestpreacha

Under Covers by Chromatic Destruction

My lost aunt is an algorithm — Mi tía es un algoritmo by Jocelyn Ibarra

Cotton AI Yeo by Huw Andrews

Creating Contemporary Dance Choreographies with ChorEA by aeigis

Asking the Machine to Imagine a Chimera by eX.iC0n (sade arellano)

Cover art by Aleksey Tikhonov