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//Issue 2: Hex

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HEX (KILO.GRAM) by Michael J. Paulukonis

Hex Wont be GONE by Illestpreacha

Sometimes by Justine Okolodkoff

Darkness by Pao G. Olea

canwetalk (takesnoarguments) by Katherine Yang

Retweet/Retreat by Diana Kroshilova

On translation (now…you got it?) by Catalina V. Wrangell, Julián Brijaldo, and Esteban Gutiérrez

Deoxyribonucleic Acid by Sena Chang

<title>gender options</title> by Rae White

inflorescence by Madi Giovina

i changed my mind and now i want to live forever by Anna Tregurtha

Pleasure Garden by Lidan Yang

Narcissistic Tendencies by Kate Tatsumi

THIRTEEN WAYS by Angeliki Malakasioti

1000 Behaviors by Lotta Stöver

The Ten Million Invocations of Esnesnon by Damon L. Wakes

Fragments from the Biophilia Codex by Shannon Quinn, Griffin Epstein, and Bryan Depuy

Asking a Shadow to Dance: Creating Poetic Spaces through Interactive Typography by Priti Pandurangan

5 pieces by Maggz

Color Noises by Mati Pirsztuk

Catskills Shaman by Maciej Toporowicz

Fairies///VOID by Jesse Aylsworth

error log by Hei Lam Ng

Impossibility by Esteban Gutiérrez Jiménez

Programmatic Synthesis by Tristan Onek

uselessprogram.js by Katherine Yang

Cover art by Mati Pirsztuk