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canwetalk (takesnoarguments)

By Katherine Yang

To run the program, hit the green "play" button on top, type "source .bashrc", and hit ENTER.

Artist's Note

This is an interactive electronic literature experiment about "arguments". Just as a person who won't hear any arguments in an discussion, the program simply doesn't accept arguments in your commands. In contrast to the behaviour of a chatbot, this program is not influenced by your words. You can find the very, very short source code here: https://github.com/whykatherine/takesnoarguments
Katherine is a creative technologist and media maker from Hong Kong, currently studying Media Arts + Practice at the University of Southern California. She loves language, data, and soft/poetic tech. She hopes you're having a good day, and invites you over to https://whykatherine.github.io, if you'd like to visit it.