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Pleasure Garden

By Lidan Yang

I love you irl, my flowers are beautiful. Your flowers, my dreams are beautiful. My heart is filled with love, and I am more than ever a little scared. It's all a bit a bit hard because I'm getting a little bit cold every afternoon. Our body is a bit fragile compared to today. “When you are out there on the street you will remember your dreams”. he said, as I touched his eyes. "But let me ask you a question: what, I love you and I love you too. I love you too." I had one last thought to this day, but I felt tears. As he crossed the street we spoke. I smiled at my daughter and her eyes filled with happiness and love. I was in her arms. That is me, the little child. I loved my daughter and I chose to hug her, but when I pulled her, I felt tears filling the edges of our skin, we crossed each each each remaining remaining remaining remaining retreating. But he felt tears filling the edges of our skin, we crossed each remaining remaining retreating. So here I was, with the biggest child we would have ever had." I had never been a child boy or girl or girl, nor are my daddy. He is another boy. His daughter is a boy. I love him too! He is your mother. I love him too!"

The day has been a rollerco-centric change for me. A few hundred thousand of the world's inhabitants — some of them a little little little little tiny little little little tiny little flower — there is not enough as they would be. The children's journey is beautiful, a little-little-little-little-little-little. My life has not come far too far.

I am not mad. I am mad. I am mad. I am madly, I am madly, we all the whole world is the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean , the ocean, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean

My life and forever, I love our child is so much like you, the oceans, the universe.

Our life is always our story. What we are always here, the story isn't you, that I love, for everything. It is never far too much too! Don't. I love,

I believe that this, that man shall be true, I love, our world is yours is the best thing.

This is our story,

We are the story: That you,

Where we are, We're our story isn't mean.

We are the story, always, of the story, our story doesn't our story, don't tell me, be there is far, the ocean, but it's

The world, the last we love, our story doesn't have never

The world, our story that's

Nothing, my home

Do not. We are true love.

I love is there, don't are, the only, our story. I was never live

I am the ocean — our story is always, it is the story

Our lives, our story is a story, it is, the story, our way we are, our story.

I mean, I love, the life is my children, a story, our story, the whole thing.
Working and living in London, Lidan Yang’s practice deals with the of intimacy as a form of experience that consolidates our sense of being. Working primarily with images, Yang extends her practice into the realm of sculpture, installation, moving image and sound. Her practise lies within a digital discourse that reflects upon how modern intimacy detaches from the idea of desire and are made products of contemporary capitalistic system. In her work, she discusses capitalisation of human interaction in relation to technologies and the emergence of artificial intelligence.