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1000 Behaviors

By Lotta Stöver

Artist's Note

1000 Behaviors is an experimental framework for observing and evolving the movement behaviors of a robot. Consisting of nine collaborating servo motor segments, that are connected by joints, the robot performs its movements based on generated and processed data to find its most optimized behavior.

Find more information at: lotta-stoever.net/1000-behaviors.html

Conceptual support by Prof. Ralf Baecker
Developed at the Digital Media program at the University of the Arts Bremen
Lotta Stöver works as a student and media artist in the Digital Media program of University of the Arts in Bremen. Her works are growing in the fields of new media, art, technologies, research and simulations. Driven by a strong interest in the intersections and interdependencies of all phenomena and matters aligning, disobeying, transforming and mutating along with (new) techno-*-logies, her works evolve in various media as installations, electronics and publications.