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5 pieces

By Maggz

Maggz is a Melbourne based movement / multidisciplinary artist, specialised in waacking - a dance style originated in 1970s LA from the LGBTQ community, which predominantly involves arm movements. Traversing amongst dance battles, live performances, installations and interdisciplinary collaborations with other artists, Maggz aspires to explore the possibilities of art and creativity whilst to honour the unique being of self and others. Visit Maggz on Instagram @magg._z


“花窗花 (window decor)” is honouring nostalgia, my experience as a Chinese woman living on foreign western land and the hybrid in betweenness of my cultural identity. I'm exploring and communicating my heritage presently through my work - it's definitely been a journey of locating myself and my sense of belonging to my cultural heritage. In the past I have often found myself alone and belonging to nowhere; only recently have I started to make a conscious effort to unfold these cultural layers within myself, hoping to be open, honest and to embrace my vulnerabilities. As much as I love the excitement and adrenaline of creating, it's also very much therapeutic and healing, especially in relation to my cultural identity.


The mimicry in “a:dapt” explores the constant adaptation and re-adjustment in the era of COVID-19 in 2020, where the process of sculpture being made by humans relates to the process of humans needing to adapt to the forces of COVID-19. In regards to sculpting - clay was used as the texture of which forges a connection between the nature / external environment and internal experiences.


2020aliveness reflects the internal experiences in 2020 in response to COVID-19, aliveness is manifested through different scopes and in nuances on daily basis - the exploration livelihood beyond humans, dislocation in ethereal settings where reality and subconsciousness overlap and everything blends.


J I A - spoken word installation for home and for being on foreign land.
each with their unique pain, as much as their uniqueness of being; resonated but never fully understood.
thrive to listen, to keep listening, always listening and to hold space for others, for my people, for people of colour, for black and indigenous lives.

relativity pt. 1 - papercorner

papercorner - relativity between locations and objects.
Looking into the nuances of normality and how it’s constantly being redefined in response to different contexts, some reflections during quarantine.
papercorner examines the correlation of paper and a forgotten corner at mine, the commonness of both, sometimes too common to be ignored, yet still bringing in a sense of comfort and somehow that comfort is taken for granted most of the time. Re-evaluating normality in regards to those insignificant existences, appreciation for nuances.