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Asking a Shadow to Dance: Creating Poetic Spaces through Interactive Typography

By Priti Pandurangan

Artist's Note

This project envisions Kalidāsā's venerable poetry — Meghadūtam — as interactive, three-dimensional typographic forms, moving through space. Type is viewed through the lens of computation to weave form, motion and interaction to take readers through the poem’s emotional journey. If poetry is a mere shadow of emotions felt, by asking a shadow to dance, we urge to bring words to life, to hold a stronger presence, a deeper voice.
Priti is a Senior Information Designer at Storylabs, Gramener's R&D space for exploring innovative data storytelling tools & techniques. She has a Master's in Visual Design from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology. Priti is passionate about all aspects of creative technology, from creative coding, data & generative art to pen plotters and creative electronics.