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Fragments from the Biophilia Codex

By Shannon Quinn, Griffin Epstein, and Bryan Depuy

Best experienced on a laptop with headphones

Artist's Note

"The Church of Biophilia is a performance poetry collective honoring the animacy of all things against forces of environmental and interpersonal destruction. Inspired by queer and feminist speculative fiction, anti-colonial solidarity activism and punk rock, we seek to wrestle with the promise and complexity of the arrangements that get called “community” and the ambivalent notions of “recovery” and “healing” at the personal, collective, and ecological level.

We are deeply invested in creating spaces for diverse and complex community to arise while simultaneously wondering what anyone is talking about when they say “community.” We feel the same about “wellness,” “healing,” and “wholeness.” The work is also always informed by our queerness, non-binary-ness, our crazy-ness, our survivorship. The Church of Biophilia is also interested in creating works that translate the evocative precision and emotive specificity of poetry and the sweep and power of music into interactive multimedia pieces that both follow and circumvent established logics of stage and screen.

Fragments from the Biophilia Codex is an immersive eco-grief myth examining the role of community worship through a collection of digital ephemera recovered from the Church of Biophilia, a short-lived religious order led by mythological siblings at the height of the mid-21st century climate crisis. The sound and text archive explores individual and collective responsibility, and the urge for catharsis from the psychological, social, and spiritual stresses of the Anthropocene. It is also an exploration of familial love and loss, tracing how the best intentions uninterrogated can have disastrous results. The Codex is a hopeful archive - the fragments open up generative possibilities for accountability, resilience and change even in the wreckage.

Shannon Quinn is the author of two poetry collections: Questions for Wolf and Nightlight for Children of Insomniacs. griffin epstein is a poet, musician and educator. bryan depuy develops tiny video games, writes speculative fiction, and records ear-splitting music. All three of them live in Dish with One Spoon Territory (Toronto, Canada).