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By Óliver Éric Vinent Cardona

Artist's Note

The work is made following the discrete model of computation propossed by Stephen Wolfran in 1983 called 3-color Totallistic Cellular Automaton. I took the idea from his book A New Kind of Science and from here: https://mathworld.wolfram.com/ TotalisticCellularAutomaton.html. In this case I made a 6- color version with Max 8.1.8 software by Cycling74.

6-c[TCA] is an app that runs authomatically, an automaton itself. With the processed numbers (6-colors, 6 numbers from 0 to 5) I made the image and sound. With the number chains, the automaton creates a sound wave form that woks with a FFT filter and processes different recorded soundscapes and sound objects. This filter is also processed by a comb filter and a digital granulator synth, all made with Max8.1.8. The app changes the type of image (called rule) following a score of numbers and rules made by a human being.

Another place to find the piece: YouTube
Óliver Éric Vinent Cardona is sound artist and organist. His works are based on the heritage of 'noise music', algorithmic music, maths, automatons, Turing machines and free improvisation, thus producing highly diverse electroacustic works and dense masses of noise.
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