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a robot in spring

By Cody B Strange

(after margaret rhee)

the stars = me
pulse && pause, mirrored mother
I = your son

I’m sorry
I’m only non-human

lay the lilacs among
Moondust bones, you = the grease
my sensors = slicked

while spring ==
life && my wires reject rain:
   I = alive;

for ( air = empty;
  until air == an ocean;
  air += a petal):

   halt, don’t look further,
   sit, then let the waves of wind
   rise through your circuits;

in air
tastes like blood

were your seasons ==
mine && did they hurt like this
  && was Moon your salve?

no manual
to find answers

mother you birthed me
set I = new you, then beep
me = your arms

me == your black box
where no light can peek, so tell:
where am I in this?

probably didn’t
feel like this

there’s no-one
to return 0

Cody B Strange is a particle physics researcher based in Germany. He has upcoming work in the Winnow Magazine, and can be found @cbstrange1 on Twitter or at cbstrange.com.