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By Michael Paulukonis

Photosensitivity warning: flashing colors.
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Artist's Note

These pieces are all derived from found imagery via online image search, with the exception of one photo I took a year of the “Squishy Human Body” - and promptly forgot about in a folder of “gift ideas.” When faced with a two-month-long creative block in which I explored corpus linguistics, exquisite corpses, bodies of evidence, STELARC’s “Obsolete Body Suspensions”, the Squishy Human Body was a kick in the seat of my pants. Images were transformed on an Android Pixel 4, with the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) apps Snapseed, ChromaLab, GlitchLab, Vaporgram, EZGlitch, Gif Studio, Gif Master, MultiLayer Photo Editor, Google-image tools (their quick “animation” tool makes some quirky cropping choices I would never manually select), and others.
Michael Paulukonis has been flinging code and typing paint for decades. Code and text and images (and combinations thereof) can be found at http://michaelpaulukonis.github.io