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if you were pieces of code in a tumblr layout

By Olivia Torres

<DOCTYPE commitment>
<meta name=”color:eyes” content=”#a singularity just before it forms”/>
<meta name=”select:love language” content=”tastes like the coconut creamer we use for our coffee”/>
<meta name="image:default" content="your black hair in bun on the crown of your head like a coiled oval eyeball which never blinks awake"/>
<style type="text/css">

body {
total-weight:the cotton in my pillows which we use to both sleep on and hit each other with;
general-decoration:fake plugs in your ears because you’re scared of needles and how one could sink into your skin and not come back out again;
physical-height:tall enough to give piggyback rides to but short enough to
headlock; }

.question {
  position:how do you feel your feelings without hiding them in poetry;
  text-align:soft & relaxed the way a good stabbing relaxes you;
  word-wrap:the space in between the layers of tissue in my trembling diaphragm;

.asker {
  position:nine years of therapy;
  padding:the two klonopin I took before this;
  text-transform:make it nice & make it calm;

.tags a, .pmtags a {
  font-size:quiet enough so my mother can’t hear

{block:emotional projection}
{block:the entire Old Testament}

Artist's Note

The wisest person I've ever known once told me that the universe is composed of language and math, that God is a mathematician who harmonizes numbers and letters in perfect synchronization. I believe he's right. Humans crave what we already are and I find myself in the things I write, yet also in the digital world around me.

I draw inspiration from several RPG's I play, but I also use Tumblr code as a vehicle to explore my current relationship and poke at the queerness I'm still adjusting to. Growing up as a fundamentalist Christian, there is a lot of adjusting, and I find that interjecting the abstract into something as dense or noisy as code allows for a sharp contrast. A train-wreck of sorts!! One you (I) can't look away from.
Olivia Torres is a queer, Latina fangirl who hails from a small town in western Massachusetts where the potholes in the roads are so large they have now developed sentience. She received her Bachelor's in English from Westfield State University, with a concentration in writing as a craft. Her work has appeared in the Merrimack Review, the Dandelion Review, and Alyss Literary Journal. In her spare time, she enjoys being roasted by her tarot cards and playing eye-tag with the moon.