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Artificial Deditionem

By Sidney Muntean

if (the past exists) {
 // reminisce

if (you reminisce) {
 // you are inhibited
} else {
 // you undergo RAM degeneration

while(the past persists()){
   press your nails into your palms();

/* divergence of pain
from one system to another */

<pull knees to chest>
<quietly fold yourself>
<rearrange your amygdalic code>

/* if pain still plagues
up the hollow of your thoracic cavity*/

<eject it out>
/* the only thing left is to capitulate*/

Artist's Note

This Java-based poem explores the impact of humanizing artificial intelligence. If given the opportunity, would a computer carry its pain the way humans do, or would it erase its memory?
Sidney Muntean is a student in the Creative Writing program at Orange County School of the Arts. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards, the Kay Snow Writing Awards, and the Freedom to Read and Write Art & Poetry Contest. She has also been published in Orca, The Phoenix, Sunspot Lit, and Adonis Designs Press, among others. Sidney is interested in coding as a linguistic experience and believes that language can be the bridge between artificial intelligence and humanity.