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//Issue 5: new Promise();

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While waiting for the future promises... by İrem Çoban

oneness by Leslie Liu

4 GIF Poems by Lorelei Bacht

Oath Fragments by Rory Green

Worthless Promise by Marta PCampos

The Transcriptions of Space by Artem Stepanchuk

Page Turner by Justin Kuhn

V[R]ignettes by Mez Breeze

Heaven//air & water; deconstructed meme by Raynen Bajette Amos

Na Vígilia De Luzes Artificiais by Stella Rea and Guilherme Zanchetta

chip off the old block by hetvi

Moving Towards Synchrony by Johnny Tomasiello

The Amplitudes by Daniel Fromberg

some shards stay buried by Aishani Chaudhuri

transforming.js by Río

Cover art by İrem Çoban