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chip off the old block

By hetvi

This piece is an AR experience available on social media.
To access, please click or scan one of the below QR codes with a mobile device.



Artist's Note

'chip off the old block' is a promise I'm making to myself- to not give up creating even when I think I can't create.

It is inspired by my experiences with creative block and the anxiety associated with the process of writing/creating. That is why it begins with a blizzard of words- you have to tap at the wordnado repeatedly to make it go away, but some words still linger in the background and disappear gradually. This transitions into an augmented space where you can place a '?' made of blocks in your field of view, with excerpts from unfinished poems of mine floating in the background.

I specifically chose the symbol of a question mark because if you rotate it by 90 degrees along the axis passing through the straight line, it turns into '!' and I find it very interesting how such a simple rotation can turn a symbol associated with anxiety and uncertainty to something associated with excitement. It's also possible to explore this 'rotation' in this augmented space. The boxes that I've made the '?' out of are not perfect cubes, I've tried to translate my anxiety and discomfort to deformed 'boxes' (as if someone has thrown out punches from the inside) textured with weird faces.

If you're interested in how it works, the source code can be found here: https://github.com/cosmicbhejafry/AR-expts-sfpc/tree/main/HW2_trial2
hetvi is a STEM student and the co-founder of hariandhetu - an art & lit zineletter. hetvi can be found writing, reading, coding/maths-ing, making art, or quizzing- and is currently obsessed with augmented reality. you can find her on twitter @vuisnotabot and her work at https://cosmicbhejafry.github.io.

hetvi sincerely hopes you have a lovely day!