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While waiting for the future promises...

By İrem Çoban

Artist's Note

I try to embody the feelings that are internalized in the daily life practices, which also reflects the general views about life. Having used interdisciplinary approach by using a combination of digital drawing and motion graphics, I aim to convey the multidimensional character of the human that is inherent related with waiting for the future (with promises). I think that it is important to visualize and materialize internal energies with abstract forms.
İrem Çoban was born in 1986 in Turkey. She completed her undergraduate at 1st rank and her master's degree in the department of Radio, Television and Cinema of Galatasaray University at Istanbul, Turkey. She has participated many exhibitions, festivals and workshops in various countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Italy, Germany, Turkey, South Korea and Bulgaria. At the Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies exhibition organized by Primo Piano Living Gallery in Lecce-Italy, she won the best technical application award with her "Tell me my future" video work and was awarded the Silver Certificate. Her short film "Hear", which empirically treats the story of a child bride, was selected by various international festivals for "Offical Selection".