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By Mez Breeze

In the Skin of the Gloam

Wracking in the Upper Bubble

The Thing Tableau


Two Faced|Rat-Faced|VictimHooder

Artist's Note

A V[R]ignette is a microstory. Each story consists of a storybox that can be experienced in 3D via a WebXR enabled mobile device, desktop PC and in Virtual Reality. While in each a V[R]ignette, a reader may experience poetically dense language [with letters bracketed in words – requiring multiple reads – that are designed to expand and enhance meaning potentials] and various visual, textual and mechanical elements that require direct audience input.
In the 1990’s Mez first started using the Internet to create digital works and she hasn't slowed since. In 2019, Mez’s Virtual Reality Series ‘V[R]ignettes’ won the 2019 QUT Digital Literature Award and Mez was also awarded the 2019 Marjorie C. Luesebrink Award which: “…honors a visionary artist who has brought excellence to the field of electronic literature.”