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By Río

            <div class="change">
                    requires="[selfAcceptance, acceptingDiscomfort]"
                   extras="[remindersA, support]"
                    requires="[feelingSafe, courage, trust]"
                    extras="[remindersB, signs]"
             import * from '@/rio/to-unlearn/lies-i-was-told-about-myself'
             export default {
                 components: {
                  'Ask-For-Help': import from  '/People/Connections/Ask-For-Help.life',
                  'Letting-Go': import from '/Timelines/Past/What-I-Thought-Would-Be-My-Direction',
                  'Walking-New-Path': import from 'Places/New/Undefined.tobe'
                props: {
                    signs: {
                        from: 'spirits',
                        type: 'universe'
                    support: {
                      from: 'people-i-trust',
                      type: 'love'
                data: {
                    remindersA: 'i don\'t have to do everything on my own',
                    reminderB: ['what would i do if i knew i was being looked after', 'this journey has been in the making for way longer', 'soul cannot afford to not live this dream out'],
                    acceptingDiscomfort: {
                        within: 'acceptance',
                        thereIs: 'space ',
                        to: 'search elsewhere'
                    humility: ['put ego aside', 'needing help is not weakness'],
                    feelingSafe: ['safe within', 'privileged that others don\t depend on me', 'grounded to move forward'],
                    courage: 'moving forward even in fear',
                    trust: ['believing that i got what it takes to do this', 'belief that the unknown can hold happiness, fulfillment', 'believe that i\'m looked after'],
                    selfAcceptance: 'my path lies elsewhere, and that\'s more than okay'
                methods: {
                  gratitude() {
                      return {
                          consistency: 'as often as possible',
                          amount: 'from-here-to-the-moon'*1000
                  dontSettleForLess(i) {
                    if(i.hestitate) {
                            return { question: 'What has restriction felt like?', remember: 'your dreams'}
                        } else if(i.doubtMyself) {
                            return { reminder: 'you didn\'t fail for not making it on this path'}
                  navigateWithGrace(feeling) {
                    if(feeling.uncomfortable) {
                            return {
                                compassion: 200,
                                thought:'discomfort is a sign of expansion',
                                held: 'you\'re growing into yourself'
                        } else if(feeling.afraid) {
                           return {
                                 futureHugs: 888,
                                 thought: 'this is brand new territory, its ok',
                                  held: 'trust that this will turn out well, and if not, you\'re not alone' }
                     for(let i = now;  i < becoming.changes.length; i++) {
              .change {
                  trust: 100%;
                boundaries: 1px solid #sturdy-yet-flexible;
                width: spacious;
              .change:before {
                  feet: grounded;
                led-by: fire,
                flowing: river,
                thoughtful: wind

Artist's Note

this piece is informed by current shifts and transitions in my own path, by talks to spirit guides and loved ones.
Río is a queer nonbinary mexican migrant and self-guided artist, who's been making art for most of their life, and coding for a living for almost 8 years. They have worked primarily in non-profits, and find lots of affirmation in spaces where they can use their creativity. You can find other e-art over at https://amoraslucha.hotglue.me/ (still a baby site)