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Na Vígilia De Luzes Artificiais

By Stella Rea and Guilherme Zanchetta

Artist's Note

A night journey into the book "Água Viva," by Clarice Lispector, through the imaginary quarantining in the city
Stella Rea is a brazilian artist, her undergraduate is in theatre and she's currently a graduate in acting and directing. As an actress, she’s been featured in medium length and short independent brazilian movies and plays. As an artist, her main research is creating immersive experiences that swallow the spectator into a different state of mind. When making video arts, oftentimes her objective of creating such experiences provide to her work some kind of dream like aura.

Guilherme Zanchetta is a brazilian media artist interested in time-based media, generative, sound, glitch art. His work is focused on changeling the separations between languages of art and technology by denaturalizing sensory perception.