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what am i if not ice?

By Amy Feng

        import time
        import textwrap
        from random import randint

        v1 = "what am i if not ice? for i spill out my secrets the moment you touch me, pull me close, balance me in the palm of your hand. and i sweat my organs out as you hold me, your touch the furnace of a shooting star that only knows how to curse. my life is a cycle of death; use and reuse; because i’ve been inside your body and in your cup and lathered with soap and then back in my coffin, frozen to death only to be revived again."

        v2 = "and you'll try to piece me back together, but it'll never work because you never knew me."


        processing = ''.join(v1)

        while len(processing.strip()) > 0:
        if processing == '':
        processing = " ".join([item.replace(item[randint(0,len(item)-1)],' ') if len(item) > 0 else item for item in processing.split(" ")])
        if len(processing.strip()) < 5:

        for item in v2.split():
        print("".join(chr(randint(33,57))+item if randint(0,1) == 0 else item+chr(randint(33,57))),'\n',end=' '*randint(10,200))


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Amy is a high school student from Australia. She's a science nerd and an avid lover of cats. She tweets @ayqqii.