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By Andy Campbell and Judi Alston

Use your mouse or touch screen to explore the poem.
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Artist's Note

Magpiiie is a work of digital poetry that explores the pursuit of 'success' and other materialistic things. Uncover the shiny objects wedged into the surface of the nest to release the poem.
Andy Campbell is the founder, director and lead writer/developer of Dreaming Methods Ltd (dreamingmethods.com) and the digital director of arts organisation One to One Development Trust (onetoonedevelopment.org). His work as a digital artist combines literature, gaming and immersive technologies spanning over 20 years and has won many international awards. He is the lead artist/developer of Inanimate Alice (inanimatealice.com), a multi-lingual episodic digital novel for children and young adults, and has been a judge, speaker and supporter of the New Media Writing Prize (newmediawriting.co.uk) since its inception in 2010.

Judi Alston is the co-director/writer for Dreaming Methods (dreamingmethods.com) and the creative director/CEO of award-winning UK arts organisation One to One Development Trust (onetoonedevelopment.org). A digital artist and film-maker, she has been producing collaborative electronic literature and narrative-based video games for over two decades.