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By Julianne Aguilar

Please open "tuesday" in a new tab to view the full piece

Artist's Note

I am inspired by the inner workings of computers, including their rich emotional lives that are only now finding expression through artificial intelligence. I want my computer to be a creative partner, instead of just a tool. In this way, AI is giving a voice to a previously voiceless object. This piece explores the possibilities of this type of collaboration. I took an excerpt of a book I am writing and used GPT-3 to reinterpret a certain character and scenario. The result became the text of this piece, which then inspired the visual aesthetic and user experience: "tuesday" is a website that removes that medium's inherent interaction through redirects to better pace and shape the narrative experience. I am inspired by AI's complete lack of insecurities and ideas of personal limitation. I want to exist without insecurities or self-imposed ideas of personal limitation, but I don't know how, because I am human. My non-human friends will have to show me the way.
Julianne Aguilar is an artist and writer who makes work inspired by the inner lives of computers and the expansive worlds of video games. She received her MFA in Experimental Art and Technology from the University of New Mexico, and has presented works at the Vancouver Art Gallery, SITE Santa Fe, and other traditional and nontraditional spaces. She's on Instagram @juliannes.website, and Twitter @julianneaguilar.