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// Because a poetic mind is not incompatible with that of a computer

By Madeline Torrez

Artist's Note

I wrote this piece just after I was accepted into my top choice university. Due to the intense application process, I hadn't really ever stopped to think about why I had chosen to apply for the school, or why I wanted to be there, I just knew that it was where I wanted to be. More importantly, it was where I felt I need to be. However, I also often struggle to convey my emotions and be vulnerable, and my little experience in C++ programming provided what I thought was a really intriguing platform I could use to really dive into those feelings of confusion and excitement and anxiety.
Madeline Torrez is a teenager entering college this fall. She is passionate about STEM and the arts and enjoys writing poetry about the scientific and technological topics that fascinate her. She is hoping for a career in spaceflight and her writing thus far is very indicative of her love of space sciences. More of her work can be found at vitavolopoetry.blogspot.com.